Birth Without Fear, Birth Without Pain

Dr. Grantly Dick-Read’s Simple Instructions for a Joyful, Pain Free Childbirth A review of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read’s 1942 book  Childbirth Without Fear When I was pregnant I read so many books on managing labor! There are a lot of helpful approaches out there these days for women interested in having an empowered birth experience. RecentlyContinue reading “Birth Without Fear, Birth Without Pain”

The Unbearable Permeability of Being

This post is about the concept of permeability. A strange word, perhaps an unfamiliar one in discussions about health. But recently I can’t stop thinking about how permeable our bodies are. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the creams and soaps and underarm odor preventers we use – all of these end upContinue reading “The Unbearable Permeability of Being”

Health and the built environment – shared problems and shared spaces

Inspired by some of your comments on last week’s post about architecture and anti-depressants, this week I want to pass along another interesting nugget I stumbled across in my research about the role architecture plays in health. Designing Healthy Communities is a project aimed at rethinking the role that the “built environment” has on keyContinue reading “Health and the built environment – shared problems and shared spaces”

Is it all in the brain? Depression and Relationality

If you have read my about page, you’ll know by now that I am currently doing research for my dissertation, which is on the “substance of health.” I want to learn more about the features of living bodies that are relevant to defining health, and how we can allow them to constrain our definitions ofContinue reading “Is it all in the brain? Depression and Relationality”

Treating the Cause, Not the Illness –

I recently came across this article, published last summer in the New York Times, about a program, Health Leads, that seeks to promote health by helping medical practitioners attend to the underlying social causes of illness: Treating the Cause, Not the Illness – The author states, “The health care system remains senselessly disconnected fromContinue reading “Treating the Cause, Not the Illness –”